Forward with our new Board

The BASIRA Project made another significant step forward recently, with the first meeting our our newly comprised Board of Advisors. Of course, times being as they are, our gathering was held virtually. We are privileged to benefit from the generosity of so many advisors from such a variety of disciplines.For the next two years, these esteemed colleagues will be lending us guidance and advice. Welcome, all!

BASIRA Project Board of Advisors, 2020–2022 

Georgios Boudalis 
Conservator, Museum of Byzantine Culture,  Thessaloniki, Greece

Shira Brisman
Assistant Professor, History of Art, University of Pennsylvania, United States

Alberto Campagnolo 
Adjunct Professor, University of Udine, Italy

Raymond Clemens
Curator, Early Books & Manuscripts, Beinecke Library, Yale University, United States

Cristina Dondi 
Professor of Early European Book Heritage, University of Oxford
Oakeshott Senior Research Fellow in the Humanities, Lincoln College.
Secretary of the Consortium of European Research Libraries (CERL)

Lyle Humphrey 
Associate Curator of European Art and Collection  History, North Carolina Museum of Art, United  States

Hannah Jacobs 
Digital Humanities Specialist for the Wired! Lab for  digital art history & visual culture, Duke University,  United States

Isabella Nicka 
Research Staff Member at the Institute for Medieval  and Early Modern Material Culture, University of  Salzburg, Austria 

Pamela Patton 
Director, Index of Medieval Art, Princeton University,  United States

Andrew Pettegree 
Professor, School of History, University of St.  Andrews, United Kingdom

Dominique Stutzmann 
Chargé de recherche, Institut de Recherche et  d’Histoire des Textes (IRHT), Paris, France

Timothy Stinson 
Associate Professor, Department of English, North  Carolina State University, United States

Whitney Trettien 
Assistant Professor, English Department, University  of Pennsylvania, United States

James Watts 
Professor, Department of Religion, Syracuse  University, United States

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