Appreciating Connections

As the BASIRA team continues adding works of art to the database, it’s often essential that we closely examine tiny details of the images. When an artist portrays even a fragment of text legibly, we can find rewarding connections. A recent entry led us to other digital humanities endeavors in almost startling ways. Thanks to extensive work by scholars from the University of Waterloo and … Continue reading Appreciating Connections

Coming attractions! a preview of our new CM system

The BASIRA Project team has been working on the re-designed Content Management system for the past two years. Along with our collaborator, Performant Software, we’re very happy to be able to post these samples from our new interface — a web-based resource that supports access with any web browser. Configuration lists for artists, repositories, and places are shared by records across the entire system. Likewise, … Continue reading Coming attractions! a preview of our new CM system